Let me introduce you one of the ESN Italia's project inside ExchangeAbility 2015.
“Il Libro Parlato” (it means “Audio Book”) is our cooperation with “Centro Intrernazionale del Libro Parlato (CILP) (International Audio Book Centre)
Do you like reading? Would you spent your passion for literature in a creative way?
Become a voice donor!
Who can become a voice donor?
Everyone who want spent a few hours each week doing this activity. So, it is a volunteer project in which you need only your constancy and your willingness.
An important notice, when start a book, you MUST finish it.
Artistic Prerequisites
To become a voice donor you need a good capacity in reading: a clear and expressive voice, or a particular peculiarity to give the right emotion between the lines. The punctuation respect is fundamental to improve the agreeableness in listening.
You don't have to worry, it is easier done than said.